Infrastructures in PPP

7 Projects

Fondo PPP Italia – Infrastructures in PPP

European Gas Network S.p.A.
Aquisition of an holding company in gas distribution sector


Ast VT Parking S.r.l. e Ast B Parking S.r.l
Underground car parks in Turin, Genova and Verona


Tunnel Gest S.p.A.
Energy regeneration in road tunnels


Catalyst Brescia S.r.l.
New hostpital infrastructures in Brescia


Euganea Sanità S.p.A.
Brand new hospital in Este – Monselice (read in english)


Progetto Nuovo Sant’Anna S.r.l.
New hospital infrastructures in Como


Società di Biotecnologie S.p.A.

Realization of the new headquarter of Biotecnology School in Turin (read in english)