Equiter is set up to gather all infrastructure investments by Sanpaolo IMI Group.


Evolution towards a holding model for investments in the fields of infrastructures, utilities and environment.


New business model combining direct investments and advisory activities. Launch, fundraising and start of the Investment Period of PPP Italia Fund.


Consolidation of Equiter’s advisory activities with a special focus on European funds for urban regeneration and energy efficiency in Sicily, Sardinia and Campania within the framework of Jessica Programme, carried out in partnership with the European Investment Bank.


Strategic agreement between Intesa Sanpaolo Group and Compagnia di San Paolo to re-focus Equiter’s mission in Mission Related Investments.


Fondazione CRT joins the partnership. Equiter strengthens its role as a hub for impact investing, a company dedicated to investments in companies and funds aimed at generating a measurable social, environmental and economic impact along with financial return.