J Village Fund

J Village Fund was conceived to redevelop and enhance the “Continassa” area in Turin, close to the Juventus Stadium.


The purpose of the requalification process is to recover a degraded area through a number of sports, education, commerce and accommodation facilities. The value of the operation is over 100 million euro and Juventus Football Club Spa is the sponsor of this operation. In order to efficiently implement the project, Accademia SGR raised the sum of over 50 million euro in equity instruments from different investors and took out over 60 million euro in bank loans.


Once fully operational, it is estimated the project will create at least 300 new job opportunities. On that area, in spring 2013 Juventus entered into a 99 year building lease agreement with the City of Turin. The requalification process is divided into five lots:


1. New Juventus headquarter – Lot Area: 20,158 sqm – 4,169 sqm GFA;
2. Juventus Training & Media Center (JTC) – Lot Area: 59,500 – 4.150 sqm GFA;
3. J-Hotel – Lot Area: 11,300 sqm – 9,180 sqm GFA;
4. “Wins” International School – Lot Area: 16,000 sqm – 8.500 sqm GFA;
5. Concept Store – Lot Area: 21,725 sqm – 9,000 sqm GFA.


On the entire area the environmental reclaiming process has already been completed, while urban infrastructure works and building works are ongoing. Equiter is an investor of the J Village Fund, with a capital commitment of 5 million euro.

equiter role


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investments in funds


total project amount
100 mln euro

equiter investment
5 mln euro

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