Equiter Energia

Equiter Energia is the investment tool set up by Equiter whose aim is to develop and implement projects in order to generate and sell energy from renewable sources.


Equiter Energia was established in November 2016 from a partial and not proportional demerger of Enerpoint Energy, an equally owned joint venture between Equiter and Enerpoint S.p.A.; furthermore, it owns wind and solar energy assets.


In particular, Equiter Energia manages a number of photovoltaic plants in the municipalities of Palau and Loceri (Sardinia) and holds the entire share capital of Arborea Società Agricola, which generate energy using a 4.1 MWP greenhouse solar plant, and Edilmediterranea Energia (owner of a 0.7 MWp photovoltaic plant on industrial buildings in the province of Oristano). Finally, Equiter Energia is a shareholder of Flabrum S.r.l., a special purpose vehicle owning a 8.2 MWp windfarm in Castelpagano (Benevento).

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