Fondo PPP Italia

Fondo PPP Italia is the first Italian closed-end fund entirely devoted to the development of infrastructures in Public Private Partnerships.

Created in 2006 with an initial endowment of € 120 mil, the fund has invested in the construction of health facilities and universities, gas networks, transports, parking lots, energy production plants from renewable sources. € 120 mil equity raised have generated a multiplier effect on economy by pooling a total amount of investments for more than € 1 bil.

Since its launch, the fund has paid a constant flow to the investors thanks to the proceeds generated by the special purpose entities to which investments are directed. In addition, the structural investments financed by Fondo PPP have contributed to job creation, increased competitiveness, and regeneration in the territories at stake.

Tangible projects attracting private capitals have exerted a profoundly positive impact for local communities. Equiter is the advisor of Fondaco Sgr as well as the first investor in the fund with a share of about 1/4 of the total capital raised.